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Cubase Mixer

There are three kind of mixers whit in cubase. The first one is a channel mixer here you set the record level, insert effects, use dynamics, set volume and send signals to groupes.The second one is a group mixer. This is used to use one effect for different tracks. For example, on channel 3, 4, 5 of the channel mixer you have vocals. You want to use a delay on all three tracks you can insert a delay on every channel but this uses a lot of processor power. By sending the three channels to group one of the group mixer you can use on delay for each of the tracks. The last mixer is the master mixer. This on is the outgoing signal of all the tracks, here you can hear the final result of your song.

The channel mixer

Use dynamics. Click on DYN to following screen will popup:

In dynamics you see AUTOGATE and COMPRESS.They are used for: Autogate this means that sounds below or above a certian frequency will go true. For example auto gate is set on 500 hz and 10 khz every sound below 500 hz will not pass and every sound above 10 khz will not pass. You can use this for getting the high frequency out of basses. Compress this stands for compressor. Whit this you can control the output level of a track. For example the compressor is set on -1 db every sound that is louder will be corrected to - 1db

Use INS, FX, SENDS and EQ.

Click on INS, FX or EQ to open the next screen:

Use EQ. On the right side you see an equalizer this you can use to manipulate the frequency. Just click them on and play whit them. You will hear the difference.
USE INS and FX. This stand for insert. Here you can input an effect. Click with you're right mouse button on No E ct to select an effect, and click on on to activate effect. If you want to edit an effect click on the left side on FX and to next screen will popup:

now click on edit and you can edit the effect.

Use SENDS. If you want to send a track to the group mixer go to sends click on no fx and select the group you want to send it to. Use PRE to send an clean sound without any effect and don't forget to turn it on.

The Group mixer

Here you see the same option as the group mixer. The only difference is that the signal that comes in comes from the channel mixer. This is where you can use one effect for different channels from the group mixer. For example set an effect on grp 1 and send from the cannel mixer channel 1, 2, 3 and 4 to grp 1 they all use the effect of this group. You can set the level of the effect by using the send button of the channel mixer.

Master mixer

This is the last mixer. Here you can export the audio file to a wave file and burn it on cd if you like. Just remember that markers are in the right place, the sound level is not higher than 0 db (you will hear clippings if you play the wave file), stereo is on and that you export a 16 bit 44.100 kHZ file. This is cd quality and you can easily burn it on a cd. Just hit EXPORT AUDIO and select these options, give the audio file (wave) a name and create file. The song will be converted and is ready to be used. Always check a song after you have created a wave file.




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