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What do I need ?

First of all Iím going to tell you how to build a cheap studio so you can start. For this studio you need :

* A computer
* A Soundcard
* Audio software
* Speakers
* Audio mixer

The computer

If you just want to record something you don't need a very fast computer. A Pentium 4 1 GHZ and 256 ram will do. But if you want to edit your recordings you need a fast pc. Something like a p4 2,5 with 1024 ram, 256 mb video card and a midi port.

The soundcard

You can use any soundcard you want. Just mansion that it's a 24 bit card whit an audio in port and out!(most of them are)

Audio software

Here comes the tricky part. However there is a lot of audio software I'm gone mansion only these three.

* Cubase
* Logic audio
* Protools

I'm gone tell you all about them, but first you need to get one. Cubase, protools and logic audio are respected programs in the music world, but they are not cheap. Protools however, has a free version - protools free -. It's an older version but it will do. The only thing about it is that it only runs on windows 98 or ME, and you can only record on two tracks at once.


These day's most computers are sold whit speakers. These will do for now. On the speaker page you will find out that there are a lot of different studio speakers. It's just a matter of taste whit's one you going to use.

The mixer

You also need an audio mixer. This is not necessary, but if you have one use it. Personally I prefer one with four subgroups (I will explain this later on).
So now you know what you need. Letís build our home studio!!!

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